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STEAM Project 2022-23

This term, Spring 1, Year 5 students are building on their robot introductions, and using VEX 123 to code and create meaningful learning in a variety of ways. VEX 123 is a tool that will have been  using in the classroom to help bring STEAM learning to life, and incorporate STEAM concepts into a wide range of content areas throughout the course of the year. During these activities, students have had the opportunity to learn more about the 123 Robot itself and what its capabilities are, as they learn about how to plan, test, and iterate on projects to make the 123 Robot accomplish a goal.


The 123 Robot is a powerful learning tool that can be used to teach coding and Computer Science fundamentals, as well as reinforce subject area learning in fun and engaging ways. Students can use the robot to practice some of the same skills they would traditionally use a worksheet for, affording them extra opportunities to build their spatial reasoning, sequencing, and problem solving skills. Things students will do with the 123 Robots include:

  • Sequencing steps to make the 123 Robot drive on a particular path
  • Coding the 123 Robot to drive to words to practice phonics skills
  • Using the 123 Robot to sequence numbers and practice foundational math skills
  • Coding the 123 Robot to act out parts of a story to show reading or listening comprehension
  • Creating a character for the 123 Robot using the Art Ring
  • Debugging a project that does not work as intended, and problem solving to make the robot accomplish a task
  • Sequencing a series of robot behaviors to represent a feeling or action

Here are some of the photos to showcase the effort and creativity of our students.